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Creating the optimal bioavailable strontium Isoscape for environmental, forensic and archaeological studies in Belgium

Various plant sample types will be analyzed and different plant growing experiments will be conducted to study the impact of fertilizers, pollution, and sea-spray on the biologically available strontium of plants, and how this affects (ancient) human and animal strontium isotope values. The aim is to include all these parameters and variables into an innovative dynamic isoscape using various modelling techniques.

Death and Fire

Investigating changes and specialisation in cremation practices in Belgium during the Metal Ages

The aim of this project is to combine ethnographical evidence, experimental archaeology, and state of the art analytical techniques to assess changes in the way cremation was carried out in Belgium and beyond from the Early Bronze Age to the Late Iron Age with a particular focus on the skills and specialisation of the cremator(s) (i.e. the person(s) carrying out the cremation). Understanding differences within and between archaeological sites represent a fundamental part of this project as it enables the study of the evolution of cremation funerary practices through time and space.


Interaction between bioarchaeological and geochemical research for the analysis of burned human remains from forensic and archaeological contexts.

This project aims to combine different bioarcheological and geochemical methods to increase the rates of correctly sexed and aged calcined human remains from archaeological and forensic contexts. 

Indigenous-led investigations of ancient lithic resource use in the Pacific Northwest

Rhy’s post-doctoral research is focused on conducting extensive field work and laboratory analyses with Indigenous partners as part of a two-year post-doctoral fellowship focused on overcoming the paucity of information on archaeological toolstone sources and ancient raw material procurement strategies in the Pacific Northwest of North America.

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