Publications 2022

International peer-reviewed publications in 2022

Strontium isotope analyses of archaeological cremated remains–new data and perspectives
Data in Brief
Christophe Snoeck, Christina Cheung, Jacob Griffith,  Hannah James, Kevin Salesse

Strontium isotopes and concentrations in cremated bones reveal an increased salt consumption in Gallo-Roman diet
Scientific Reports
Sarah Dalle, Christophe Snoeck, Amanda Sengeløv, Kevin Salesse, Marta Hlad, Rica Annaert, Tom Boonants, Mathieu Boudin, Giacomo Capuzzo, Carina T. Gerritzen, Steven Goderis, Charlotte Sabaux, Elisavet Stamataki, Martine Vercauteren, Barbara Veselka, Eugène Warmenbol, Guy De Mulder 

Diet and mobility in early medieval coastal Belgium: Challenges of interpreting multi-isotopic data
Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports
Rachèl Spros, Maura Pellegrini, Anton Ervynck, Hannah James, Philippe Claeys, Bart Lambert, Christophe Snoeck

The IsoArcH initiative: Working towards an open and collaborative isotope data culture in bioarchaeology
Data in Brief
Esther Plomp, Chris Stantis, Hannah James, Christina Cheung, Christophe Snoeck, Kevin Salesse

Incremental Enamel and Dentine Isotopic Data of Faunal Remains from the United Kingdom
Data in Brief
Jacob Griffith, Hannah James, Christina Cheung, Christophe Snoeck

Plio-Pleistocene Perth Basin water temperatures and Leeuwin Current dynamics (Indian Ocean) derived from oxygen and clumped isotope paleothermometry
Climate of the past.
David De Vleeschouwer, Marion Peral, Marta Marchegiano, Angela Füllberg, Niklas Meinicke, Heiko Pälike, Geral Auer, Benjamin Petrick, Christophe Snoeck, Steven Goderis, Philippe Claeys

No compelling evidence for early small-scale animal husbandry in Atlantic NW Europe.
Scientific reports.
Philippe Crombé, Kim Aluwé, Mathieu Boudin, Christophe Snoeck,  Liesbeth Messiaen, Dimitri Teetaert

Local and national publications in 2022

Le project CRUMBEL-Archéometrie et os incinéres du Néolithique final à l’époque mérovingienne–Des opportunités pour affiner la chronologie existante
Mesurer le temps de l’âge du Bronze
Guy De Mulder, Eugène Warmenbol, Christophe Snoeck, Sarah Dalle, Charlotte Sabaux, Rica Annaert, Marta Hlad, Elisavet Stamataki, Barbara Veselka, Martine Vercauteren, Giacomo Capuzzo, Kevin Salesse, Amanda Sengelov, Mathieu Boudin.

Uit de kluiten gewassen: een toevalsvondst van ijzertijdurnen in een grafheuvelcomplex te Postel (Mol, prov. Antwerpen, België)
LUNULA. Archaeologia protohistorica
Erwin Meylemans, Rica Annaert, Giacomo Capuzzo, Koen Deforce, Leentje Linders, Jef Van Doninck, Barbara Veselka, Charlotte Sabaux, Sarah Dalle, Mathieu Boudin, Marta Hlad, Kein Salesse, Amanda Sengeløv, Elisavet Stamataki, Eugène Warmenbol, Martine Vercauteren, Guy De Mulder, Christophe Snoeck

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