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Dr. Giacomo Capuzzo


I am a postdoctoral researcher in the Belgian EOS CRUMBEL project “Cremations, Urns and Mobility. Ancient Population Dynamics in Belgium“ at the Université libre de Bruxelles and the EU funded MOLA "Mobility and Life histories in the Alps – Understanding prehistoric social strategies in mountain environment" project in the Trento University, in collaboration with VUB and the University of Ottawa. I undertook my Undergraduate degree and Master in Italy, at the University of Padova, where I focused on the North Italian Protohistory. Afterwards, I worked on my PhD thesis supervised by Prof. Juan Antonio Barceló at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (Spain) “Space-Temporal analysis of radiocarbon evidence and associated archaeological record: from Danube to Ebro Rivers and from Bronze to Iron ages”, period in which I am specialized.

The main topic of my research is the use of radiocarbon dates and strontium isotopes in order to reconstruct the behavior of past societies, providing thus information about phenomena like the adoption and spread of innovations, human mobility processes, socio-cultural changes, and demographic fluctuations at a European and regional scale.

As an archaeologist, I participated in excavations in Italy, Spain and Israel and spent research periods at the Department of Prehistory of the Naturhistorisches Museum in Vienna and the D-REAMS Radiocarbon Laboratory, Weizmann Institute of Science, in Israel.


  • B.A. degree in Archaeology at the University of Padova, Italy.
  • M.A. degree in Pre- Protohistoric Archaeology at the University of Padova, Italy.
  • Ph.D. in Prehistoric Archaeology (archaeological sciences) at the Department of Prehistory, Autonomous University of Barcelona (Spain).

Key Research Interests

  • Archaeology
  • Radiocarbon dating
  • Strontium isotopes
  • Geostatistical and chronological modeling
  • Cremation
  • European prehistory and protohistory

Main Publications

  • Capuzzo G, Snoeck C, Boudin M, Dalle S, Annaert R, Hlad M, Kontopoulos I, Sabaux C, Salesse K, Sengeløv A, Stamataki E, Veselka B, Warmenbol E, De Mulder G, Tys D, Vercauteren M. 2020. Cremation vs. inhumation: modeling cultural changes in funerary practices from the Mesolithic to the Middle Ages in Belgium using Kernel Density Analysis on 14C data. Radiocarbon.
  • Mazzucco N, Ibáñez JJ, Capuzzo G, Gassin B, Mineo M, Gibaja J. 2020. Migration, adaptation, innovation: the spread of the Neolithic harvesting technologies in the Mediterranean. PLoS ONE 15(4):e0232455.
  • Capuzzo G, Zanon M, Dal Corso M, Wiebke K, Barceló JA. 2018. Highly diverse Bronze Age population dynamics in central-southern Europe and their response to regional climatic patterns. PLoS ONE 13(8):e0200709. 
  • Mazzucco N, Capuzzo G, Petrinelli Pannocchia C, Ibáñez JJ, Gibaja J. 2018. Harvesting tools and the spread of the Neolithic into the Central-Western Mediterranean area. Quaternary International 470 (B):511-528.
  • Capuzzo G, Achino KF. 2017. Marcadores culturales en la Península Ibérica durante la edad del Bronce: revisión y análisis de las asas de apéndice de botón. In: Barceló JA, Bogdanovic I, Morell B, editors. Iber-Crono 2016. Cronometrías Para la Historia de la Península Ibérica (Chronometry for the History of the Iberian Peninsula), Barcelona (Spain), 17-19 October 2016. p 172-191.
  • Capuzzo G, López Cachero FJ. 2017. De la inhumación a la cremación en el nordeste peninsular: cronología y sociedad. In: Barceló JA, Bogdanovic I, Morell B, editors. Iber-Crono 2016. Cronometrías Para la Historia de la Península Ibérica (Chronometry for the History of the Iberian Peninsula), Barcelona (Spain), 17-19 October 2016. p 192-208.
  • Achino KF, Capuzzo G. 2015. The quantification of spatio-temporal distributions of archaeological data: from counts to frequencies. Archeologia e Calcolatori 26:59-75.
  • Capuzzo G, Barceló JA. 2015. Cultural changes in the 2nd millennium BC: a Bayesian examination of radiocarbon evidence from Switzerland and Catalonia. World Archaeology 47 (4) Special Issue: Bayesian approaches to Prehistoric Chronologies:622-641.
  • Capuzzo G, Boaretto E, Barceló JA. 2014. EUBAR: a database of 14C measurements for the European Bronze Age. A Bayesian analysis of 14C-dated archaeological contexts from Northern Italy and Southern France. Radiocarbon 56 (2):851-869.
  • Barceló JA, Capuzzo G, Bogdanović I. 2014. Modeling expansive phenomena in early complex societies: the transition from Bronze to Iron Age in Prehistoric Europe. Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory 21 (2):486-510

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