Publications 2023

International peer-reviewed publications in 2023

Sr analyses from only known Scandinavian cremation cemetery in Britain illuminate early Viking journey with horse and dog across the North Sea
Tessi Löffelmann, Christophe Snoeck, Julian D. Richards, Lucie J. Johnson, Philippe Claeys, Janet Montgomery

Hidden transitions. New insights into changing social dynamics between the Bronze and Iron Age in the cemetery of Destelbergen (Belgium)
Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports
Sarah Dalle, Christophe Snoeck, Amanda Sengeløv, Kevin Salesse, Marta Hlad, Rica Annaert, Tom Boonants, Mathieu Boudin, Giacomo Capuzzo, Steven Goderis, Carina Gerritzen, Charlotte Sabaux, Elisavet Stamataki, Martine Vercauteren, Barbara Veselka, Eugène Warmenbol, Guy De Mulder

Final Neolithic and Bronze Age funerary practices and populations dynamics in Belgium, the impact of radiocarbon dating cremated bones
Charlotte Sabaux, Christophe Snoeck, Giacomo Capuzzo, Barbara Veselka, Marta Hlad, Amanda Sengeløv, Elisavet Stamataki, Eugene Warmenbol, Mathieu Boudin, Rica Annaert, Sarah Dalle, Kevin Salesse, Martine Vercauteren, Guy De Mulder

Common Ground: Investigating Land Use and Community Through Strontium Isotope Analysis of Bronze Age Cremations from Dunragit, Southwest Scotland
Isotopic Proveniencing and Mobility
Rick J. Schulting, John Pouncett, Christophe Snoeck, Hannah F. James & Warren Bailie 

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