Jacob I. Griffith


I am a FWO Funded Doctoral Fellow at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel using isotopic proxies to recreate life histories within the Mesolithic-Neolithic transition across Europe.  I completed a Master’s degree in Archaeological Science at Cardiff University (2019), supported by Cardiff University Master’s Excellence Scholarship.  My thesis trialled mixed enamel and dentine sequential sampling on cattle dentition, to recreate an isotopic biography (C, N & O) of each individual. The results enabled conclusions to be drawn on human mediated weaning ages, transhumance and birth seasonality; the full study being published in 2020. I aim to utilise this expertise within my personal FWO project and the LUMIERE project, by investigating the potential for incremental enamel and dentine isotopic analyses on human dentition.

I am passionate about outreach and impact in archaeology.  I believe it is crucial that archaeological study is accessible to the wider public and over the last 5 years have been involved in many outreach programmes with Guerilla Archaeology. I plan to bring my enthusiasm for outreach into these projects and present new knowledge of our shared European heritage on the wider public stage.Photo credit: Chris Chucas. 


  • FWO Fundamental Research Doctoral Fellowship Recipient- The Truth in the Tooth: Reconstructing and Comparing Human Life Histories in the Mesolithic and Neolithic of Europe.
  • MSc Archaeological Science, Cardiff University 2019 (Distinction)
  • BSc Archaeology, Cardiff University 201

Key Research Interests

  • Incremental Isotope Analysis
  • Mesolithic-Neolithic Transition
  • Strontium Isotope Analysis
  • Incremental Dentine Sampling
  • Incremental enamel Sampling
  • Forensic Archaeology

Main Publications

  • Griffith, J. and Mulville, J., 2020. A Sequential Multi-Isotopic Analysis of Norse Cattle Teeth. In The Economy of a Norse Settlement in the Outer Hebrides: Excavations at Mounds 2 and 2A, Bornais, South Uist (pp. 367-381). Oxbow Books.
  • Griffith, J.I., James, H.F., Cheung, C. and Snoeck, C., 2022. Incremental enamel and dentine isotopic data of faunal remains from the United Kingdom. Data in Brief, 42, p.108116.
  • Snoeck, C., Cheung, C., Griffith, J.I., James, H.F. and Salesse, K., 2022. Strontium isotope analyses of archaeological cremated remains–new data and perspectives. Data in Brief, 42, p.108115.
  • James, H., Griffith, J.I., Long, K., Cheung, C. and Willmes, M., 2022. The Secrets In Our Teeth. Frontiers for Young Minds, 10, pp.1-8.
  • Mulville, J. & Griffith, J. I. Does anyone know? 20 years of ZOOARCH and zooarchaeology. ICAZ Newsletter 21, 62-66, 2020.

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