Anneminne FreĢ€re

Anneminne Frère


In 2021, I earned my Master's degree in Adult Educational Sciences, followed by the completion of a second Master's degree in Art Sciences and Archaeology at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel in 2022. Subsequently, I enriched my expertise in bioarchaeology working as a scientific assistant at the BB-LAB. During this time, my research focused on the examination of burnt human remains from two Metal Age cremation sites. In particular, I investigated the significance of sampling the petrous parts and teeth.

In 2023, I obtained an FWO PhD Fellowship, allowing me to combine sociology, archaeology and geochemistry in order to investigate cremation practices and rituals in the past and the present. It also explores how the combination of these disciplines can contribute to the creation of compassionate communities, where individuals support each other in times of loss.

At the BB-LAB, I am investigating ancient cremation sites within the Belgian region. For this, I use various geochemical techniques, such as FTIR, C&O isotope analysis, and strontium isotope analysis on cremated human remains. These analytical approaches help us gain insights into the identities of those who were cremated and shed light on the cremation process itself.


  • MSc Art Sciences and Archaeology, 2022
  • MSc Cultural Educational Sciences, 2021
  • BSc Cultural Educational Sciences, 2020

Key Research Interests

  • Cremation practices and rituals
  • Compassionate communities
  • Death literacy
  • Funerary archaeology
  • Mobility of past individuals and populations
  • Bioarchaeology

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