Anneminne FreĢ€re

Anneminne Frère

After completing my Master's degree in Art Sciences and Archaeology at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel in 2022, I started a voluntary internship at the Brussels Bioarchaeology Lab. I am currently studying the added value of sampling fully calcined petrous parts of the temporal bone (PP) and teeth for reconstructing mobility and funeral practices in the past. Regarding mobility, these early forming skeletal remains contain a wealth of information about childhood residence, unlike all other bones, which constantly remodel and therefore represent the last decade or so of a person's life. Therefore, I am comparing childhood (PP and teeth) strontium isotope ratios with previously studied calcined rib, diaphysis and cranial bone fragments since differences may be indicative of changes in the place of residence during the life of an individual or even in the diet. This can deepen our understanding of individuals and populations in the past.


  • MSc Art Sciences and Archaeology, 2022
  • MSc Cultural Educational Sciences, 2021
  • BSc Cultural Educational Sciences, 2020

Key Research Interests

  • Funerary archaeology
  • Cremation practices and rituals
  • Mobility of past individuals and populations
  • Bioarchaeology (Compassionate) communities

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