The IRMS Lab is part of AMGC’s facilities and is equipped to measured C, N, O and S isotopes as well as clumped isotopes in a wide range of organics and inorganic samples. 

The new Plasma Lab, located withing AMGC’s facilities, is composed of a MC-ICP-MS and an ICP-MS and partially funded by the ERC Starting Grant LUMIERE 

To prepare the samples for analyses from drilling to column chemistry, three labs are available: a preparation lab, a chemistry lab and a class 1000 clean lab. 

Elemental and structural characterisation of a wide range of samples can be carried out using infrared analyses and/or X-Ray fluorescence in this lab. 

The analysis of burnt and unburnt human remains is undertaken in this lab. Human skeletal remains yield information on age-at-death, biological sex, stature, and pathological conditions which can be used to reconstruct the sociocultural organization of past communities.

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