Vitamin D deficiency now visible after cremation

October 25, 2021

VUB-researchers Dr. Barbara Veselka and Prof.Christophe Snoeck for the first time identify interglobular dentine in cremated human teeth and published their research in Scientific Reports. The official VUB press release

Update 25-10-2021, 22:45
Flemish Radio 1 program "De Wereld Vandaag" interviewed Dr. Barbara Veselka live on radio broadcast on her recently published article in  Scientific Reports. Listen to the fragment here (Dutch content). Read more here (Dutch content).

BB-Lab first CRIME-travel after long pandemic break

September 14, 2021

Finally after several lockdowns and delays due to the pandemic some of the BB-labbers were able to travel outside of Belgium again. 

The CRIME project focuses on the research of prehistoric funeral rituals and their changes in Slovenia. A large part of the project is the preparation of a map of biologically available strontium for Slovenia. During the brief visit from September 1th to September 5th, the BB-labbers Steven Goderis, Christophe Snoeck, Charlotte Sabaux and Carina Gerritzen visited the research team in Slovenia from the University of Ljubljana, and the Jo┼żef Stefan Institute, to plan the future sampling strategy and other project related collaborations.

It was a great opportunity to strengthen the bonds between the two research teams. Within just two days the team managed to sample a large amount of their first Slovenian plants for Sr-Isotope analysis.

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