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I obtained my Master in Practical Archeology (2017) at the Université libre de Bruxelles, where I specialized in protohistoric archaeology. For my master thesis, I decided to expand my knowledge in anthropology and I studied the human skeletal remains that have been excavated in a cave in Belgium. Moreover, I had the opportunity to attend Henri Duday's funerary archaeology and field anthropology course, at the École française de Rome (2016).

In addition to my contribution to the excavation of several sites (Bibracte – France, Koekelberg- Belgium, Beveren – Belgium), I collaborated to the inventory and the valuation of collections in the Royal Museums of Art and History and I did photogrammetry for the Royal Museum of Central Africa.

In 2018, I have been started my PhD in the CRUMBEL project where I learned more about cremation study in terms of osteology, Sr isotopes and CT-Scans. My subject aims to improve our knowledges of the Meuse valley in Belgium combining multi proxy analyses.


  • Master in Practice of the Archaeology/Pre-Protohistory (2015-2017), Université libre de Bruxelles
  • Bachelor in Art History and Archaeology/Antiquity (2012-2015), Université libre de Bruxelles

Key Research Interests

  • Funerary rituals
  • Protohistory
  • Cremations/Inhumations
  • CT-Scans
  • Bioarchaeology
  • Sr isotopes analyses

Main Publications

  • Veselka, B., Hlad, M., Wolfe Steadman, D., Annaert, H., Boudin, M., Capuzzo, G., Dalle, S., Kontopoulos, I., Mulder, G., Sabaux, C., Salesse, K., Sengeløv, A., Stamataki, E., Vercauteren, M., Tys, D., Snoeck, C., (2020), Estimating age‐at‐death in burnt adult human remains using the Falys–Prangle method, American Journal of Physical Anthropology, published online. (IF:2.662), 2020
  • Capuzzo, G., Snoeck, C., Boudin, M., Dalle, S., Annaert, R., Hlad, M., Kontopoulos, I., Sabaux, C., Salesse, K., Sengeløv, A., Stamataki, E., Veselka, B., Warmenbol, E., De Mulder, G., Tys, D., & Vercauteren, M. (2020). Cremation VS. inhumation : modeling cultural changes in funerary practices from the Mesolithic to the Middle Ages in Belgium using Kernel Density Analysis on 14C data. Radiocarbon, 00(00), 1–24. 
  • Polet, C., Drucker, D.G., Glas, C., Sabaux, C., Goffette, Q., Samsel, M., Jadin, I., Warmenbol, E., Villotte, S., (2020), Waulsort Caverne X: A new cave site with Early Mesolithic human remains in Belgium, Mesolithic Miscellany. 28: 25–43. 
  • Dalle S., Sabaux C., Capuzzo G., et al. (2019), Preliminary results in the collecting of protohistoric cremation samples for the CRUMBEL project, Lunula. Archaeologia Protohistorica, 27: 9-14. 
  • Stamataki E., Sabaux C., Hlad M., et al. (2019), An urn from Tongerlo in the archaeological collection of Ghent University (Belgium), Lunula. Archaeologia Protohistorica, 27: 79-83.
  • Sabaux C. & Warmenbol W. (2018), Une occupation du début de l’âge du Fer dans la grotte à sépultures néolithiques des Avins I (Clavier, prov. De Liège, Belgique), Lunula. Archaeologia Protohistorica, 26: 137-142. 

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