Upcoming book: Cremation in the Early Middle Ages

March, 2024

We are delighted to announce that contributions from several BB-LAB members are featured in the upcoming book Cremation in the Early Middle Ages - the first ever evaluation of the burning of the dead in early medieval North West Europe. The volume was co-edited by Howard Williams and Femke Lippok and is currently in press with Sidestone Press. Two out of a total of 19 chapters were written by Barbara Veselka and Tessi Loeffelmann, together with other members of the BB-LAB, under coordination of Christophe Snoeck. Barbara’s chapter focuses on the development of cremation research, the CRUMBEL project, and recent work on Belgian remains, while Tessi’s chapter concerns the Viking cremation cemetery at Heath Wood in Lincolnshire (UK), and the insight that isotope analyses can provide in the context of the archaeology.

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