2 years BB-Lab Upcoming

June 1 , 2023

The Brussels Bioarchaeology Lab at the VUB celebrates its 2 year anniversary in the promotion of synergy between researchers in the bioarchaeological research field.

In the morning, the BB-LAB researchers will give a short presentation of their research, and in the afternoon, the different laboratories and projects will be presented (it will also be possible to visit the laboratories). A lunch will be provided and the day will end with a reception.

Date: 1st of June 2023
Adress: Generaal Jacqueslaan 271, 1050 Elsene (VUB U-residence)
Contact us through .(+32) 476/80 61 33 or koen.wouters@vub.be

BB-Lab first CRIME-travel after long pandemic break

September 14, 2021

Finally after several lockdowns and delays due to the pandemic some of the BB-labbers were able to travel outside of Belgium again. 

The CRIME project focuses on the research of prehistoric funeral rituals and their changes in Slovenia. A large part of the project is the preparation of a map of biologically available strontium for Slovenia. During the brief visit from September 1th to September 5th, the BB-labbers Steven Goderis, Christophe Snoeck, Charlotte Sabaux and Carina Gerritzen visited the research team in Slovenia from the University of Ljubljana, and the Jo┼żef Stefan Institute, to plan the future sampling strategy and other project related collaborations.

It was a great opportunity to strengthen the bonds between the two research teams. Within just two days the team managed to sample a large amount of their first Slovenian plants for Sr-Isotope analysis.

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