Brussels-Oxford NEtwork for the study of bioapatite as a poorly exploited archive of ancient diet, ecology and migration of human and faunal fossils. 

When studying archaeological and palaeontological remains, we are often faced with diagenitically altered specimen due to extensive burial. Understanding these diagenetic alterations is crucial to ensure that the isotopic information extracted from these remains actually reflect endogenous signals. The Brussels-Oxford NEtwork for the study of bioapatite aims at fully understanding diagenetic effects before isotopic analyses are carried out, leading to high quality palaeodietary and palaeoenvironmental reconstructions on fossil bones and teeth. Too often, bioapatite diagenesis has been studied in isolated situations. By combining the expertizes of AMGC (VUB), G-TIME (ULB) and RLAHA (at Oxford), it will be possible to broaden the study of bioapatite diagenesis to a wide range of conditions and timescales and obtain much more reliable palaeodietary and palaeoenvironmental reconstructions. 

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