Animals and livestock provisioning in the modern town

Funded by the Flemish Heritage Agency, the ALIMENT project aims to track changes in animal breeding practices and its relationship with urban food provisioning during the modern period. Using 17th to 19th century faunal remains this project explores innovations and transformations in the agricultural economy of Flanders, within a historical context of demographic growth and increasing demand for food products. Particular attention is paid to critically assessing the timing and nature of the so called “agricultural revolution”.

In collaboration with several partners (Universiteit Gent, Universiteit Leiden, Center for Artefact Research vzw, Centrum voor Agrarische Geschiedenis, Dienst Stadsarcheologie Gent and Raakvlak Brugge), ALIMENT also provides detailed inventories and reports about regional faunal collections from a largely neglected period. The results will function as an important tool for the management of these collections, as a baseline for future research and as a foundation for a number of public outreach activities.

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