Oriana Chiappa

Oriana Chiappa

I am a PhD researcher between the Vrije Universiteit Brussel and Ghent University. I graduated from my Master's degree (RMSc) in Archaeological Sciences at Leiden University (2023), where I specialized in human osteoarchaeology and bioarchaeology.

For my PhD, "An archaeometric study of Balearic limeburials", I focus on cremated and non-cremated remains from limestone burials of Balearic populations during the Iron Age.

To do this, I am implementing a variety of geochemistry techniques, such as FTIR,  and isotopic analysis (C, O) to understand this specific type of cremation, and strontium analysis (Sr) to determine  the origins of the communities practising this funerary ritual on the islands.

I am passionate about engaging in ethical ways to study human archaeological remains, establishing meaningful collaborations with local scientists and local communities, and communicating my research with broader audiences. 


  • Master's (RMSc) in Archaeological Sciences, Leiden University (2023)
  • Bachelor in Archaeology, Autonomous University of Yucatan (2020) 

Key Research Interests

  • Bioarchaeology
  • Cremations
  • Isotopic Analyses (C, O, Sr)
  • Funerary practices
  • Science communication

Main Publications

  • Aguasvivas Hernandez M., Chiappa, O., van Litsenburg Z., Schoon N.S., & Seferidou, E. (2023). When to stop digging deeper- The ethics of studying human and non-human remains in the insular Caribbean. Inter-Section: Archaeological Research Journal.
  • Cucina, A., Chiappa, O., & Sosa, T. S. (2019). Age and sex-related topography of carious lesions and oral conditions among Prehispanic coastal Mayas: Topography of carious lesions. Dental Anthropology Journal, 32(2), 67-76.


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