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Dr. Hannah James


I am a postdoctoral researcher on the ERC LUMIERE project specialising in strontium and oxygen isotope analysis. I completed a Master of Archaeological Science (Research) and a PhD in isotope geochemistry at the Australian National University, where I focused on in situ oxygen and strontium analyses. 

My current research focuses on establishing bioavailable strontium baselines across Europe using plant and soil leachates, particularly for Portugal, Spain and Corsica. I am also working on applying strontium isotopes to cremated archaeological bones. 


  • BArts (Biological Anthropology) 2011, Australian National University
  • BSci (Biology) 2011, Australian National University 
  • Masters of Archaeological Science (Research) 2013,
  • Australian National University 
  • PhD Archaeological Science 2021, Australian National University 

Key Research Interests

  • Archaeological science
  • Strontium isotope mapping
  • Isotopic analysis
  • In situ analysis
  • Cremations

Main Publications

  • Hannah F. James, Malte Willmes, Shaun Adams, Kate Mathison, Andrea Ulrichsen, Rachel Wood, Antonio Valera, Catherine J. Frieman and Rainer Grün. 2022. A large-scale environmental strontium isotope baseline map of Portugal for archaeological and paleoecological provenance studies. Journal of Archaeological Science, vol. 142
  • Hannah F. James,  Jacob I. Griffith, Kelsie Long, Christina Cheung & Malte Willmes. 2022. The Secrets In Our Teeth. Frontiers for Young Minds, vol. 10, 749555, pp. 1-8.
  • Tanya M. Smith, Christine Austin, Daniel R. Green, Renaud Joannes-Boyau, Shara Bailey, Dani Dumitriu, Stewart Fallon, Rainer Grün, Hannah F. James, Marie-Hélène Moncel, Ian S. Williams, Rachel Wood, and Manish Arora. 2018. Wintertime stress, nursing, and lead exposure in Neanderthal children, Science Advances 4, no. 10
  • Malte Willmes, Clement P. Bataille, Hannah F. James, Ian Moffat, Linda McMorrow, Leslie Kinsley, Richard A. Armstrong, Stephen Eggins, & Rainer Grün. 2018. Mapping of bioavailable strontium isotope ratios in France for archaeological provenance studies, Applied Geochemistry 90, 75-86


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